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Our job at Queensberry is to make your life as a photographer, easier. Take a look at our services. From free album design to colour correction and Art Services and we can even set up your very own Workspace website.

Free Design Service

Maybe album design isn't your favourite thing … or maybe you're so busy you don't have time. Great, we can design your albums for you for free! Queensberry offers a free design and basic colour correction service for all your album orders. A small charge applies to Q-Book designs, and also to album designs should you decide not proceed to with the order. You will be able to review, request changes and approve the design in Workspace. If you wish you can involve your clients as well. For more information click here.

Colour Correction and Art Services

Less work, less hassle, more time and top quality. Queensberry operates a full-service lab that can quickly and effectively correct problem areas in your image files - anything from custom colour correction (to extract the very best from your image files), to softening facial lines, opening eyes, removing minor distractions from images, and major artwork.

With Queensberry's colour correction service you can be back taking pictures and spend time focussing on selling. The need for professionalism in the areas of colour management, colour correction, retouching etc. is as great today as it ever was. The question is, who does the work, you or us? Find out more about our Colour Correction service here and Art Services here. 

Website Set-Up

Looking to get your website up and running quickly? The Queensberry Turbostart offers a quick website set-up using our platform Workspace. Once you've got your brand design, we can build your website for you. For more information and frequently asked questions click here.