Queensberry and Photojunction

Queensberry and Photojunction

Designing your albums in Photojunction is great because it is closely integrated with Queensberry Workspace. 

Queensberry and Photojunction

1. Photojunction is closely integrated with Queensberry Workspace. You can:

• Create image events and collections in PJ and upload them to your Workspace Gallery.

• Set up, and even start designing, a Queensberry album in Workspace and move it to Photojunction for refinement.

• Proof and approve albums from any vendor in Workspace (charges may apply - but free for all Queensberry books and albums).

2. Photojunction gathers and validates all the information we need to make your Queensberry book or album, including cover, dust jacket, title page and all options.

3. Smart filtering and pre-flight problem reporter: special features to help you send us complete, accurate, valid album orders first time.

4. Choose the Queensberry service that suits you: print and assemble; design, print, assemble; export, print and assemble.

5. Photojunction has a built-in FTP-based upload feature to Queensberry; upload history; resume if interrupted.