Price List in Workspace

Price list in Workspace–

Setting a pricelist and attaching it to your image galleries is a powerful tool to help boost sales, with no extra work. Set up your price list, attach it to your image galleries and we handle the rest. 

How to set up your pricelist in Workspace

There are four steps involved in setting up a basic price list; setting your basic parameters, choosing the products you offer, setting prices and linking to the image gallery/ collections. In this video, Ian goes over these steps.

Update: Workspace has changed since this movie was made. The content is still correct but the appearance of the screens has changed. To set up price lists you should now go to Settings in the main Workspace navigation, and scroll down to the Price Lists section.

Setting your Basic Parameters (0.38)
Selecting your products (1.46)
Set your prices (3.41)
Attaching a price list to Event Gallery or Collection (5:35)

Add products to existing price lists

Want to add new products to an existing price list, without erasing the information already there? Watch the tutorial below to see how. 

Price list tax options

You can choose to set your prices excluding tax, or including tax. If you choose excluding tax, Workspace will calculate the tax that needs to be ADDED to your prices based on your Shopping Cart Settings. If you choose including tax, Workspace will calculate the tax to be DEDUCTED from your prices based on your Shopping Cart Settings.

You can edit tax rates on the Shopping Cart Settings page, where you can read more about the way Workspace handles tax. Note, all Queensberry Workspace sales are made by you, with Workspace acting solely as your agent. If you are unsure of your tax obligations please consult your professional advisors.

Price list shipping options

Queensberry will charge you to deliver shopping cart orders to your clients.

We offer Economy and Express delivery. Economy Delivery (available on orders for loose prints and smaller canvases only) is via post, and takes longer; tracking is not available. Express Delivery is via courier (normally DHL); tracking is available. Details and pricing here.

We recommend that you pass on Queensberry's shipping charge to your clients. If so, our shipping charges will be added to the total due when your customers check out.

However some photographers prefer to ship “freight free” or to set their own shipping charge. If you choose this option, the amount you set will apply to all orders, no matter what customers have in their shopping carts (Queensberry will still charge you our normal rates).

Price list fulfilment options

Workspace Fulfilment means that the goods ordered are Queensberry products. Queensberry will receive the orders and payments (via PayPal), invoice your customers as your agent, and ship the goods directly to them.

Self Fulfilment means that you intend to deliver the goods ordered yourself. Payment will be collected via PayPal, and credited directly to your personal PayPal account. Queensberry and Workspace have no responsibility for delivering the goods, but Workspace will generate invoices to your customers as your agent. Self Fulfilment is available in your region only (see below) and requires a Pro Plan.

Your Price List can combine items for Self and Workspace Fulfilment, but if a customer’s order includes both they will receive two shipments and incur two shipping charges, and Workspace will collect payment on the entire order.

You can enable Workspace Fulfilment in regions other than your own (see below). If so, Workspace will automatically calculate selling prices in each region based on your local prices, automatically adjusting these to maintain approximately the same profit after allowing for currency fluctuations at the time of sale, and any difference in production costs.

Workspace recognises eight specific regions (covering Queensberry’s main markets) and six related currencies (AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, USD). Your region and currency are set by your Queensberry/Workspace account, for example New Zealand (NZD). We service countries outside our main regions in US Dollars.

Payment for shopping cart sales

The Workspace shopping cart payment system uses PayPal, which means your customers can either pay by credit card, or from their credit balance in PayPal.

Orders for Workspace Fulfilment: Payment is received by Workspace and paid to you on the 10th of the following month, after deducting processing fees or commission (if any) and the wholesale cost of printing. Orders for Self Fulfilment: Payment is credited to your personal PayPal account.

Orders for Digital Downloads: Payment is credited to your personal PayPal account. Orders combining items for Workspace Fulfilment with Digital Downloads and/or Workspace Fulfilment. Payment for the entire order is received by Workspace and paid to you on the 10th of the following month, after deducting processing fees or commission (if any) and the wholesale cost of printing.