Run Photoshop actions on multi

Run Photoshop actions on multiple images

At the moment it is not possible to select more than one image in the album design and run Photoshop actions - the Open in Editor and Photoshop Actions functions will work on single images only. However, if you are wanting to run the action on every image you've used in the album, you can do the following:

1. Go to the Album menu, then go to Export and choose Copy High-Res Files.
2. Run the Photoshop action on this folder in Photoshop.
3. Click on "More..." on the Event window in Photojunction, then choose Relink High Res Folder. This will point Photojunction to the new high res images. If you get warnings that the images have been edited, you can fix these by selecting the thumbnails on the Event window, then right-click on them and choose Reimport From Original.