Photojunction Services

Photojunction "Services" –

When you set up an album order in Photojunction the software will ask you to select a Colour Correction Service and Production Service. Different album makers may have different services. This article explains Queensberry’s. Note: The options available may vary depending on your product selections (see below).

Colour Correction

Queensberry offers Basic and Premium colour correction, or you can select “No Colour Service” to indicate that your files are ready to print and you don’t want us to edit them. Basic colour correction is FREE for albums, but there is a small charge for Q-Books and other products.

Production Services

The Print and Assemble service assumes that you want to completely design the album yourself, and then export the page layout files, ready for printing, using Photoshop scripting. The scripting process is handled automatically by Photojunction, which will upload the layout files to Queensberry. The benefit of this service is that you have complete creative control, including the ability to perform final image edits and colour adjustments on the layout files.

If you choose Export, Print and Assemble you won’t need to export the page layout files. Photojunction will upload the individual image files, from which Queensberry will create the layouts. You won’t need Photoshop, but of course won’t be able to edit the layout files either.

With Design, Print and Assemble you won’t even have to design the album pages - just specify the album details (eg cover and page selection etc) and identify the image collection you want us to use in the design. Our design service is FREE for albums, but there is a small charge for Q-Books. If you want to you can lay images out on the pages. This can be a helpful guide for our design team, but isn't necessary.


Depending on your product selections, some Services may not be available. For example:

• You cannot select Print and Assemble for Overlay Matted albums because it conflicts with the workflow at Queensberry.

• You cannot select No Colour Correction with Design, Print and Assemble because we sometimes need to make minor adjustments to the layout file before printing, as described above. The design will be submitted online for your approval (with changes if required) before going into production.