Payment and Pricing

Payment and Pricing 

Because these are custom-made products, all orders must be paid for in full before we commence production. All orders are accepted subject to our Terms of Trade.

How our book and album pricing works

Because every album is different, the price is too. Although everything we make is unique, it's very easy to explore our prices (or calculate the cost of a specific product) using our online calculators. However, you must be logged in with an approved account first.

Factors affecting the price

1. The size of the product.

2. The cover material (eg leather or buckram).

3. In books, the number and type of pages.

4. Services such as colour correction.

5. Whether you want "added extras" such as embossing, upgraded packaging (carry cases and display boxes for albums, Mayu cases for press books), digital copies, wing and flip pages, or accessories such as DVD cases.

6. There is normally no extra freight charge for books and albums, with the exception of Q-Books. Purchases of our other products will also incur shipping charges.

How to use our price calculators

You'll find our calculators and PDF price lists on our pricing page. The various calculators allow you to explore and compare prices provided you have an approved account. Simply select your cover, page, service and accessory preferences etc, enter the number of pages you require, and the calculator will display price across all the relevant album sizes.

There is a separate, more detailed calculator to confirm the price of a particular album.

You can also access the calculators from the product pages on our albums website (click on the "Photographer" link on a product page - don't worry, your customers won't be able to see them), or when you're ordering an album in Workspace.

If you need help, do contact us! You'll be an expert in no time.

Discounts, extra charges and fine print

We offer certain discounts, especially for regular clients, which are detailed in the price list but may not be reflected in our price calculators.

We try to avoid hidden extras, but it's also worthwhile checking the price list for charges you may incur if you change your order, or if it's non-standard or requires extra work on our part.

Sales Tax

We publish our prices, invoice you and charge your Credit Card in US Dollars, UK Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars or New Zealand Dollars as appropriate. We add to the cost of goods any Sales Tax applicable in your country, just as if you had purchased the goods locally. Currently:

USA: No sales tax applicable.

Canada: 7% GST. PROVIDED that you are a GST registrant in Canada and we have your Business Number, the GST you pay to us is available as an input tax credit, just as for local purchases, and no PST is payable.

UK: Zero-rated for VAT on books and albums that are printed and fully assembled by us. (Unassembled and partially assembled albums, and products other than books and albums, incur 20% VAT.) PROVIDED that you are a VAT registrant in UK and we have your Registration Number, any VAT you pay to us is available as an input tax credit, just as for local purchases.

Australia: 10% VAT. PROVIDED that you are registered for GST and we have your Registration Number, any GST you pay to us is available as a tax credit against our Australian Tax Invoice, just as for local purchases.

New Zealand: 15% GST. PROVIDED that you are registered for GST and we have your Registration Number, any GST you pay to us is available as a tax credit against our Tax Invoice.

Europe (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland (Republic of), Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain*): Invoiced and shipped through Queensberry UK, and therefore subject to UK VAT rules. PROVIDED that you are a VAT registrant in your country, and we have your Registration Number, no UK VAT is due. Otherwise UK VAT will apply (zero-rating for VAT on books and albums that are printed and fully assembled by us; other items 20% VAT).

Where required we arrange customs clearance, pay all customs and clearance charges due on entry to your country and deliver your shipment direct to your door.

We regret that credit facilities are not available.

We accept Master Card, Visa, or American Express. However with American Express we need to convert your charge to New Zealand Dollars - this may result in a slight variation in the amount you pay as we have no control over the fees and rates charged by American Express.

Please complete our credit card authorisation if you want to arrange automatic charging facilities against your credit card.

All other Countries

Your invoices will be expressed in US Dollars or Euros depending on your location.

*Euros: All European Union zone countries except those listed above
US Dollars: all other countries

We will deliver to your door, but you will be responsible for any tariffs, sales taxes, customs charges etc that may be charged on entry.

If possible our courier company will clear your shipment through customs on entry. If so you will need to reimburse them for any charges that they may have incurred. However, depending on local regulations you may need to arrange for a customs broker to arrange clearance.

Note: Login to Workspace, view prices in the main navigation to get all updated prices for your region.