Panorama, Classic, Q-Book Gutt

How the gutter is treated in our Flushmount albums

In this article we illustrate and explain the difference in how the gutter (spine) is treated in Panorama Flushmount, Classic Flushmount and Q-Book Medium books and albums.

Panorama Flushmount

The prints in Panoramas are creased, not cut, at the spine, and offered in both Fine Art (inkjet) and traditional photographic printing (silver-halide). You will also choose between heavy and medium-weight pages. Medium weight pages mean you'll have a sleeker, lighter album, or be able to include more layouts.

You can display images across the layout and even create a spectacular, full bleed, edge-to-edge panorama across the layout. Just remember not to put faces or important details in the gutter, which can be slightly distorted by the crease. This is an important design practice in any album, whether creased or cut.



Classic Flushmount

Classic Flushmounts are cut, not creased, at the spine. We offer them particularly for those who want our popular six colour offset printing on Tintoretto or Satin stock (textured and smooth respectively). We can't make offset Panoramas for technical reasons, and they are only available with heavyweight pages.

As with Panoramas you can place images across the spine of the album, but it's important to consider the cut when designing, so as not to lose details or split the image at an awkward spot.

Classic Flushmounts are available with either white or black core pages as the illustrations show.


Q-Book Medium

Q-Book Mediums are also cut at the spine. As the illustrations show the split is thinner and more discrete than in Classic Flushmounts.

All medium Q books are press printed with six-colour digital offset technology. Choose smooth Satin or textured Tintoretto art paper. Pearl and Nettuno are also available while stocks last.