Ordering products other than b

How to order products other than books and albums from Queensberry

This article explains how to order products like photographic and fine art prints, boxes, canvases and frames at wholesale prices from Queensberry. You can also set up your own price lists, and sell retail in your personal shopping cart.

Queensberry's Wholesale Shopping Cart in Workspace

Queensberry products are only available to professional photographers and album designers, so before you start you’ll need an approved Workspace account.

Two methods:

Either: From the Workspace Dashboard, under the BUY menu, select the product type that you want to order (eg canvases, fine art prints). Using this option you can choose a product before uploading or selecting the images that you want to order from.

Or: Go to your image galleries and select the Event and then Collection that you want to order from. Then, choose the images that you want to place orders for, and click the ORDER PRODUCTS button.

Either method will take you to the Shopping Cart, after first asking if you want us to colour correct your images before printing them.

In the shopping cart

The shopping cart will open to the CHOOSE PRODUCTS window. If you used the second option above, you may see all the product categories, including photographic (ie silver halide) prints, fine art (inkjet) prints, canvases, frames, boxes and matted prints. Choose the product(s) that you want, including sizes and any available options, and if necessary the image(s) you want to put in them.

You may still need to fine-tune your purchase by (for example) choosing mat templates or cropping images, but you will do that in the next window. So, when you’ve made your selections, click the ADD TO CART button. Here you will see the orders you’ve placed. If necessary you can, for example, modify the image crop before confirming your order, or design the layout of images on a mat.

Once finished you can then click ENTER YOUR DETAILS to proceed to checkout, empty the cart or go back to choose more products. 

Workspace will save your shopping cart until you're ready to place your order or empty your cart. Which means you can come back and complete your order later, add more images and products to the cart, and even include images from completely different Events.

Power Users:There's no point if you're just uploading a few images to place an order, but if you're a regular user adding lots of Events to your image gallery, it's worth exploring what you can do in Workspace, such as sorting your images into collections (like 'Favourites' or ''My Order'), changing the order images display in, rotating them, changing privacy settings, watermarking, publishing your galleries, sharing on social media, and building your own price lists and shopping cart.

Lab Direct

Lab direct allows you to order print products easily from Queensberry (only available for Australia and NZ clients at this time). We do reccomend you use our streamline ordering system in Workspace but if you choose to use Lab Direct, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open LAB DIRECT

When you start Lab Direct you're taken to the main Order History window, where you'll find a list detailing all your previous sent and unsent orders. Obviously this will be empty the first time you use the software.

After downloading and registering the software, and before you use Queensberry Lab Direct for the first time, you'll need to complete your User Preferences, which are accessible from the Edit menu (Windows) or Queensberry Lab Direct menu (Mac).

Step 2: Start a new Print Order

Click the Order Prints From Queensberry button at the bottom centre of the Order History window to open the Print Order window.

You'll be asked to answer a few questions:

1. Lab (Queensberry)
2. Service (Print-Ready, Batch Colour Correction, Individual Colour Correction, or Custom Colour Correction)
3. Studio reference
4. Priority (Standard or Rush)
5. Paper stock (Lustre or Metallic)
6. Trim all non-standard prints (Yes or No)
7. Protective coating on prints (Yes or No)
8. Burn corrected files to DVD (Yes or No)
9. Order for pre-sized images only (Yes or No)

If you're not sure what these services or options entail, please see our Lab Direct
price list or contact your Account Manager.

Note, these selections apply to the entire order. If you want some of your prints to be on metallic paper, for example, you'll need to create a separate order for them.

As you work on your order, these "Order Details" will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can edit them at any time, but don't forget any changes will apply to the entire order.

Step 3: Import the images

Now you're ready to import the images you want to order. To do this...

1. Drag the images, or a folder of images, on to the "grid" area of the Print Order window; or

2. Click the More button, select Import More Images and browse to the images you want to upload; or

3. Click the More button and load images from a Photojunction Event. More about this below.

You'll be asked to specify a default print size and quantity for the images you're importing. You can also specify default laminating and mounting options if available.

You can change these details later (image by image) but one way to make things simpler is to organise your images ahead of time, and import your 7x5s, 14x11s or whatever in separate groups. As you'll see this can be done in Photojunction.

Another reason to use Photojunction as a front-end for Lab Direct is that Lab Direct is great for ordering prints, not for selling them. In Photojunction you can build Collections (eg "Grandma's Order") and import directly into Lab Direct, as per Import option 3 above. If you're ordering lots of prints you could also build Collections based on print size.

Don't forget, if you want to order multiple print sizes from a single image file you only need to import it once.

Whatever approach you follow, once you're done you'll see the images loading into the Print Order window.

Step 4: Prepare your order

Now that you have images available, you can:

1. Rotate, remove and duplicate selected images (you're not affecting the original files, just the way they're represented in Lab Direct).

2. Change the display between Grid (thumbnails only) or Summary (showing your order details), and use the slider to change the size of thumbnails.

3. Sort and filter images by File Name.

4. With a single image selected you can adjust the frame and crop in the zoom/crop box (top left); this works exactly the same as in Photojunction. When you send your order the lab will crop the image according to what you specify here.

5. If you prefer you can double-click on the thumbnail to display the image full-screen, so you can adjust the crop there.

6. With a single image selected you can also view the Print Details for this thumbnail and change them if you wish (eg print size and quantity, and texturing and mounting if available).

Remember: Don't confuse these "Print Details", which apply to individual images, with the "Order Details" that appear below them, and which apply to the entire order. 

If you want to specify a non-standard print size, select Custom from the Print Size menu and create a new size. The image will be printed on the next largest standard size and the cost calculated accordingly. Lab Direct will remember your non-standard sizes so you can reuse them.

If you want to order a second print size from an image, simply duplicate it (the "X2" button) and change the print details for the copy.

If you want the lab to do any artwork on a file you should enter the instructions in the artwork/comments box. Artwork is not available on Print-Ready orders, which go direct to the printer.

To review details of your order, and check the costs, switch to Summary view (above).
As well as print prices etc this will calculate rush surcharges and apply volume discounts. Print discounts (based on your Queensberry purchases) are not shown, but will be applied before your payment is processed.

Step 5: Finalise your order

When your order is complete click the Next button on the bottom right of the Print Order screen. Lab Direct will scan your image files and advise of any problems, eg non-compliance with our lab file specifications. If necessary you can click Back to remedy any problems (and avoid extra costs); alternatively, check Accept and Continue.

Step 6: Upload your order

Click Continue to move on to uploading. Lab Direct will start gathering up files and uploading them immediately. An upload progress window will open when the upload process starts. The Order History window will reopen and you'll see a progress bar while the upload continues. Lab Direct also queries the Queensberry server and enters a reference under LabID. Please use this reference in any communication with the lab.

If Lab Direct loses the connection to our server, it will automatically try again every minute (you'll see a message in the progress window).

If you decide you want to pause or cancel the upload, click the Pause or Stop buttons to the right of the progress window. Stop cancels the upload, and you'll need to start again.

If you quit Lab Direct, or turn off your computer, or pull the plug, Lab Direct will ask if you want to resume uploading when you reboot. Alternatively you can double click on the order in the Order History window to resume.