How to create a new album orde

How to create a new album order for Workspace Album Designer

When you order albums from Queensberry you can use our free design service, or design them yourself using the Workspace Album Designer, or Photojunction, or third-party software like Fundy or SmartAlbums. The following articles are about designing with the template-based Workspace Album Designer. Please allow time for production and delivery. Orders go into our system once they have been confirmed and paid for.

Click here for instructions and a video tutorial.

The tutorial assumes you want Queensberry to design the album for you but, except for the actual process of designing the pages, the process is the same. When prompted, just select Workspace Design as the “design method”.

Once you've set up and saved the album specifications you’ll be taken to a new screen to start designing the pages.

How to design your page layouts

Once you have landed on the album designer, simply drag images onto the layouts. The software will automatically select a template that matches the number of images you've dragged, and display others for you to choose from. You can change templates, drag new images into the "apertures", or drag an image from one aperture to another (in that case the images will change places).

Note: Th album designer is template based and does not allow free form design as yet. We have a series of great templates our album designers have created, but if you want more freedom, try our free design service, Photojunction, or third-party design software that allows free form design, such as Smart Albums or Fundy.