Your Website General Settings

My Wesbite General Settings

A Website is important for any business as it's a place to display and sell your work. Below we go through setting up your first website using Workspace. From setting up your URL, to selecting a theme, intergrating Workspace into your existing site if necessary and uploading a logo. Follow the related links to find out how to build your website.

Getting Started – Setting your Workspace URL

You will need to set up and validate your Workspace website URL before you can publish and share your Workspace content.

To set it up, go to Workspace Settings, then click Website URL in the Website Settings section. On the Website Settings page that opens you'll find two URL fields:

1. My Website Address (required)

My Website Address is a unique and custom subdomain of, eg., where "studioname" is the name of your studio.

Once you choose your address, it will be checked to make sure it has not been already taken, and so it typically takes about 5 minutes to become available.

2. Custom Domain Name (optional)

You may prefer to register your own URL (a domain name like or a "sub-domain" like Click here for more information about how to set up a custom domain name. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to set up and track your own Google analytics.


Selecting a theme

Under Settings in Workspace, you can edit your website appearance by selecting one of our eight themes, each designed for a specific purpose. Below is a list of demo sites so you can see exactly how they work. 



Like everything in Workspace, these themes are a starting point and can be completely customised with your content and design style. If you're not really the techy sort then just add text and photos, or even better use our Turbo Start service and we will do it for you. For the inspired web designers amongst us, you have full control over css and javascript.

Intergrating Workspace with existing website

You can set up your own free website in Workspace Settings.

Here are a few ways you could set up the site so it works the way you want it to with your other online assets.

1. Album proofing only

If all you want to do is use Workspace to proof albums, it's very easy.

You don't even need to link it to your other websites if you don't want to: just choose a theme, and upload your studio logo with a bit of introductory text. Don't forget the widget that will automatically publish your albums!

Hit the Preview button to make sure the page looks OK, and then, when you have an album ready for proofing, just email Workspace's sharing link to your client. Very simple.

2. Integrate your Workspace with your existing sites

If you've spent a lot of time and money on your websites and blogs etc, you're not likely to want to throw it all away.

But Workspace is very flexible, and anything you can do in HTML you can do in Workspace.

All you need to do is go to Settings/Website Design in Workspace and copy the branding, CSS and Navigation from your other sites into the new Workspace site, so they appear to work seamlessly together.

Link to your Workspace pages from your other sites and you're in business.

With care the only sign that you're changing sites will be the changing URL at the top of the page.

But if you are just starting out, why not do everything with Workspace.
Many established photographers are moving to Workspace because it's a great HTML5-based, mobile-friendly, Flash-free solution.