Missing tools window

Missing tools window

If you have no tools pallette showing in your workspace, we would recommend doing the following for the different systems.

Windows XP

The PJ Store is an ‘online marketplace' where you can buy and sell templates, actions and e-books – or whatever else you think other photographers may be interested in.

Our active user base, downloads and registrations have all jumped dramatically since we made Photojunction free. The Photojunction Store offers you a way to reach all those people, sell your products, and boost your income in the process.

It's not an entirely new concept. If you're familiar with iTunes or the Apple App Store for iPhones then you'll know how an online store works.

We strongly recommend you read our terms and conditions before you start buying or selling. You'll find them in our licence agreement.

Windows Vista and 7

You don't need to be a "rock star" to get noticed. The Store home page has banner headings and lists of most popular and recently added templates to give newbies great exposure.

Selling an item is easy - clicking the big Sell button inside the store allows you to outline the details of your item, upload it and send to us for review.

We look after everything else. At the end of the month, or when your account exceeds USD$50, we’ll pay out any sales you’ve made, less our 30% commission.

To visit the Store click on the Photojunction Store button on PJ's Start screen.


Just for completeness, the preferences file will be in the following location on Mac OSX (where user is your user account, and Mac HD is your computer's main hard drive):
Mac HD:Users:user:Library:Preferences:Photojunction:

These instructions will also work for the Event Window (just look for the line that is similar to the one above but starts with <PreferenceItem>Event Window<