Missing options on export layo

Missing options on export layouts screen

Photojunction will not allow you to export unless you have selected all the necessary options for Queensberry to make your album.

What to do

Photojunction will not let you export without selecting a DPI. If you find that there are no options in the drop down menu, first check in the album set-up that a lab is selected. You can test by selecting the Remix DIY lab if you can, to see whether this allows you to select a print resolution. If this does work, it could be that the album supplier resources are corrupted and you can try the following:

1. Go to the Photojunction menu (on Mac) or the Help menu (on Windows) and choose Check for Updates.

2. Choose to remove the supplier whose lab you're having trouble with, then install them again.

This should restore the lab's settings to what they should be. If the problem is happening with a lab you've set up, the best solution is to go to the File menu and go to Vendors > Labs, edit the lab you're having problems with, then add a print resolution.