Image Gallery Basic Settings

Image Galleries Basic Settings 

You’ve uploaded your first Event, what next? Workspace image galleries are highly customisable, and in this article we’ll discuss some of the most popular settings. But first we need to explain what we mean by Events, Categories and Collections, so you can follow along.

Events, Categories and Collections

When we talk about your “Image gallery” we mean all the images that you've uploaded to Workspace.
Each image will belong to an EVENT, such as a particular wedding, sports team or birthday.

If you wish, you can divide an Event up into CATEGORIES so they're easier to work with, or for your clients and their friends to view. A wedding, for example, could be divided into Preparations, Ceremony, Reception. Categories are optional: to switch on the feature go to Settings / Workspace Functions.

Workspace COLLECTIONS are selections of images chosen for a specific purpose — for example to promote or sell your photography on your website, or for an album order, or blog post. An image can only appear in one Category, but you can add it to as many Collections as you like. For example a fabulous portrait of the bride and groom is likely to appear not just in the Album collection, but also in the selection you publish online. Workspace creates two default collections for each Event, called 'All Images' and 'Favourites'. You can add your own collections (for example - 'Album’, ‘Facebook’ or 'Blog'). Remember, Workspace shares collections, not categories or events. If you want to share all the images in an Event, select ‘All Images’.

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How to share your image galleries

Workspace makes it really easy to share image collections and album designs with your clients and on social media— a great way to promote and sell your work. The video explains the process for image collections, but it's much the same for storyboards and albums.

You can also share your collections with multiple people by email. To do this separate the emails with a comma.

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Privacy status

Workspace has three ‘privacy settings’ (public, private and semi-private) that you can apply to the collections you share. ‘Public’ is great for photographers wanting to publicise their work, but you may need to keep your albums and image collections private, or share them only with certain people. Here’s how:

Selecting a cover image

Every collection you share will have a cover image, whether on your website, on social media or when sharing with clients by email. Cover images will only appear if the event is public or semi-private.

Watermarking your images

Workspace keeps your images as safe as possible by never displaying the high-res image, and by disabling the browser’s right-click download function. You can also add watermarks to your images. Here’s how.