Files required for which servi

Files required for which service

There are a variety of album and book types offered by Queensberry. Each product has specific requirements regarding the file types we can print from. Here is a guide to what we require for us to be able to print your album or book.

Queensberry Albums

This includes Flushmount, Overlay Matted, Classic Matted (both Overlay and Pagemount), Duos and Musée.

1. Print ready albums without Copy Albums: JPEG are preferred. TIFF and PSD files are ok (but remember they are a lot larger and so take longer to send).

2. Print Ready albums with Copy Albums: Layered PSD files are a must in matted albums. Why? Because we need to emulate the matted effect from the main album in the copy album. The PSD files allow us to add the mat colour and in the case of the Pagemount albums the colour of the page behind the mat.

3. Print Ready flushmount albums, with or without Copy Albums: JPEG are preferred, but TIFF and PSD are OK. Because we don't have to simulate a mat colour, we do not require PSD files.

4. All Premium colour service albums: If we are colour correcting your layouts we always require layered PSD files from you. We are not able to colour correct individual images if they are flattened to one layer.

Queensberry Press Books

Print Ready Press Books

For technical reasons we require PDF files to print Press Books, but we handle the PDF creation, not you! The service you select will determine what files are sent to us.

If you are exporting a Print Ready Press book or album, Photojunction will export as PSD files. Please do not convert these files to anything else. In the SEND process, Photojunction will convert them in to a PDF format and then send that to us.

If you ask for Premium Colour service, just like the Queensberry Albums range, we require layered PSD files so we can colour correct them. We will convert them to PDF at our end.

NB If you prefer, you can design our Press Books and Flushmount albums with third-party software such as Adobe's InDesign or Photoshop, or other applications that can create PSDs or PDFs that match our specifications. Click here for more information.

Other requirements

There are other things to consider when sending us files.

1. You can import PSD files in to Photojunction, and this is ok for Flushmount layouts that you may have created outside Photojunction. Just be aware this doesn't work for matted albums of any sort, as it will not generate individual apertures for each image, which is what we need to cut the mat. You could use a PSD composite as an element on a matted layout, but it would be treated as a single aperture.

2. If you are importing individual images for a design, they do not need to be PSD files. If you have worked on a file prior to importing into Photojunction, and it has generated a PSD file due to its make up, please make sure that the various layers are flattened before importing. Some of the filters and actions used can be affected in the exporting process.

If you are ordering for the first time and would like test prints of your layouts, please export them as PSD files even if you are want to go print ready. This will give you the opportunity to see what our Premium Colour service can offer you.