Extra charges

How to avoid Extra Charges

Avoid being charged extra for your order by taking note of the requirements below. 

  • Flattening layered files sent for Print-Ready service incurs a charge. Unless you want us to make digital copies from a matted album, be sure to flatten your layouts before uploading them.

  • Creating Page Layouts from Photojunction Client Files incurs a charge. You can easily create them yourself with Photojunction and Photoshop.

  • All other file handling necessary to match your files to our specifications is charged at an hourly rate. Check out our file specifications.

  • Photoshop artwork, retouching, design work on page layouts or cover images is charged at an hourly rate. Unless you want us to do this for you, be sure to review your layouts carefully before uploading them.

  • In addition, printing from Print-Ready files that require such manipulation will be charged at the Premium Colour Service rate. Click here for more about Print-Ready.

  • Liquid protective coating on album prints not done by Queensberry incurs a charge (the smallest print size we can coat is 6x4in (15x10cm). We coat Queensberry prints for free on request (Photojunction will prompt you).

  • Test prints incur an extra charge (but we offer free test prints of your first Album Printing order).