File Set-up — Embossing & Engr

File set-up for custom embossing and laser engraving

We require production-ready artwork to custom emboss or laser your order. Here’s what we need, including file specs and some guidelines for suitable artwork.

Before you start

1. Check our online design swatches to check what we can emboss, foil or laser on your chosen cover material.

2. If you're interested in laser engraving you can skip the template sections below as lasering does not require templates.

3. If you have questions about anything please do email

Custom embossing: 

Your custom embossing artwork must fit one of our embossing templates, which you can download as PSD files or set up your own file using the measurements below.

It is important to note that the resolution of our templates is set to 300dpi to ensure we receive a high-quality file. Which may make the file look big on your computer screen. Please make sure you work with the canvas size in mind not the visual look of the file on your screen. Your artwork doesn't need to fill the template, but the price will remain the same.

Custom embossing template dimensions in mm

Price 1 (same price as our standard embossing charge): 70x37,100x25,147x15
Price 2: 70x70, 100x45, 147x30
Price 3: 70x100, 100x70, 147x45
Price 4: 100x100, 147x70
Price 5: 147x110

Custom embossing template dimensions in inches (approx)

Price 1: 2.8x1.5, 3.9x1.0, 5.8x0.6
Price 2: 2.8x2.8, 3.9x1.8, 5.8x1.2
Price 3: 2.8x3.9, 3.9x2.8, 5.8x1.8
Price 4: 3.9x3.9, 5.8x2.8
 5: 5.8x4.3

You can find the prices for the different price categories here

Laser engraving doesn't require templates, but maximum sizes apply depending on the album size. You can engrave up to half the area of the cover. A 12x12 album (144, for example, could be engraved up to 72 or 465

File type

To create an embossing block, or to laser engrave a product, we need a scaled, 100% black vector file. If someone else is creating the artwork please ask them to supply in that format.

If you’re doing it yourself you will need to:

  • Convert the artwork (including the text) to 100% black (RGB#000000) — nearly black won’t do!
  • Convert the file from bit-mapped raster format (eg JPG, composed of pixels) to vector (“paths” created from mathematically defined lines and curves).
  • The file, if for embossing, must be fit one of our template sizes stated above.

You can create the file in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Save as file type AI or Photoshop EPS. We will also accept PSDs. 

Here's a more detailed video showing how to convert artwork to vector using Photoshop, and also how to check the colour of your artwork and convert it to 100% black. If possible, watch full screen:

Trouble shooting

If your artwork isn’t suitable for embossing or laser engraving we will advise you. If the file is not to specification we will put your order on hold and ask you to correct it. We can do this for you but extra charges will apply.

How to order Queensberry Custom Embossing

Step 1. Check our online cover swatches to ensure the material you want for your album can be blind embossed, foil embossed or laser engraved.

Step 2. Download our custom embossing templates. There are twelve templates, which are blank Photoshop files with different canvas sizes as stated above.

Step 3. Create your artwork, which must comply with our file specifications and fit one of our templates. Templates are grouped into five price points depending on the size. You can look up prices for your region in the Workspace Price Calculator under the different album tabs. 

Step 4. Save the outlined file: .psd if working from Photoshop or .ai/.eps if working in illustrator. If you're using our templates please do not remove the measurement in the file name. If you're creating your own file please add the measurement to the file name. You can also add helpful information to the filename, such as the name you’ve used for the album order, or its Workspace ID.

Step 5. Order your book or album in Workspace, and select Custom Blind Embossing or Custom Foil Embossing. If you choose foil embossing you will need to select a foil colour. You will need to send the album order to Queensberry before you can send us the custom embossing artwork. You’ll receive an email advice to say we’ve received the order.

Step 6. Upload your artwork. Go back to Workspace and click Albums in the main navigation. Your album will now have a Queensberry Order Number. Click the blue link to open the album, then click the View Album Details button, then Upload Support Files. After you enter a brief explanation of what support files you’re uploading you’ll be able to drag and drop your artwork into Workspace. We’ll take it from there!

Important: If we don’t consider your artwork is suitable, or it doesn’t match our templates or file specifications, we will put your order on hold and advise you. It’s a good idea to create the artwork with the template in mind, as the artwork and/or fonts may become too fine to emboss or etch when scaled down. We may be able to fix any problems for you but extra charges will apply.