Duo Albums are our signature product. They enable you to combine Matted and Flushmount pages in the same album, and to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides. 


Duo Pages are normally mounted pagemount style (ie with the photos trimmed to fit inside the card mat to expose the core page); overlay mounting is also available (overlaying Mat over image). Pages have clean cut edges, with no edging or corners. Duo Album Mats are available with ivory or black mats and core pages. 


Split mat, image across spine


Split mat, image across spine

The difference between overlay and pagemount

The differences between Pagemount and Overlay are very simple, and a whole lot of conversations with Queensberry people will make more sense when you understand them!

Even if you know it by another name, you're probably already familiar with what we call overlay mounting. Details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the photograph is lightly taped behind the mat, with the print edge concealed behind it.

With pagemount presentation, the prints are trimmed slightly to reveal the coloured base page. If you're designing in Photojunction or Workspace the software automatically sizes the prints to the required size for you. Exposing the base page, under the mat, creates a 3D border effect around the images. You can also use different colours for the page and mat.

See more on the difference between pagemount and overlay.

Maximum Pages

The maximum pages in Overlay Matted, Duo, Musée and Classic Matted albums is 30. That equates to 60 sides, or 31 Workspace or Photojunction layouts, since the first and last layouts are both single sides.

Size Guide

Duo albums are available in a range of sizes from 8x8 up to 18x12 (5x3.5 and 7x5 are copy album sizes only). Sizes are expressed in inches and are approximate.




Cover Options

Choose from our range of cover materials, order the album plain or personalise it even more by selecting one of our cover options – Photo Front, Wrap-Around, Cover Motif or Embossed cover styles. Add names to Photo Fronts or Cover Motifs by choosing one of our template styles. Photo Front covers are available in either half or full photo covers. Cover Motifs come in Square, Vertical or Horizontal formats, and Embossed covers have the option of two fonts - Futura or Bank Gothic.

Included with each Duo album

Translucent personal title, free album design, basic colour correction, Velvet presentation bag, standard presentation box (10x10 and larger), Door to door world-wide shipping*. 10x7 size albums are supplied in a velvet bag only (no box). You can upgrade your presentation to an elegant Display Box or Carry Case for album formats 12x12 and larger.

*Customs and tax charges may apply outside Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK and the EU. 

How to order albums

Queensberry sells directly to professional photographers and designers. You will need an approved account to view prices and purchase albums. Click here to register with us. If you are looking to buy products from Queensberry for a special event or photo-shoot, contact your photographer and ask them to offer Queensberry. 

Design Notes

If you're designing albums yourself using Photojunction, even with our matted pages you don't have to drag and drop your images into existing "templates" if you don't want to. You can lay prints out on the page almost any way you wish, design layouts on the fly or use templates that you've created yourself or downloaded from our website.

For practical reasons, the minimum “legal” distance between matted apertures, and between apertures and the edge of the page, is 10mm (3/8-in). (The minimum distance to page edge is set to zero in Flushmount and Duo albums so that you can bleed images out to the edge of the page.)

When you do bleed images to the page edge, make sure critical image areas (such as borders, text, heads) are at least 12mm from the edge, especially if a flushmount copy is to be made. Otherwise, they may look unsightly or even get trimmed away. Text, heads etc should also be kept clear of the page spine.

Photojunction displays photo safe guides on page layouts to remind you of this, and will also warn you if your design doesn't comply, as the problem needs to be fixed before we can make your album.

Workspace design of matted albums is entirely template based. If you want to "free-design" matted albums, please use Photojunction.