Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer tool 

Quickly lay out your images on the page layouts before you start the design process.

Divide and Conquer –

The first step in album design is to choose the photographs.

The next is to lay out the images in the album, basically in the order that the events of the day unfolded.

The Divide and Conquer function is a quick way to do this before you start designing the individual pages.

How to use Divide and Conquer

With an album set up, click the MORE button in the Photojunction Event window and select it off the pop-up menu.

Tell Photojunction how many images you want per layout (ie page opening). We recommend approximately six images per layout on average.

The software will then spread the images you’ve selected across the pages in chronological order.

How to start a new series of images on a new page

Since Photojunction knows the exact time you shot each image based on the exif data, Divide and Conquer also lets you specify a time gap (eg 30 minutes). When PJ finds an elapsed time between images of that length or longer it thinks, OK, this must be a new series, and it starts a new page when it's laying out the images.

Experiment with the time gap, and see what works best for you.

Of course you can modify the pages freely as you design, but this is a very efficient way to get started.