Special offers and promotional discounts

We regularly offer Promotional Discounts via email and social media.

Books and albums: Quote the promo code in Comments when you order. Discount will be deducted when we request payment.

Other products: Quote the promo code in the Workspace shopping cart before you pay.

Offers are for a strictly limited time. If you're not able to confirm an order within the time limit we will on request allow discount against the estimated cost provided we receive payment within the time limit. Just go to our price calculator for books and albums or other products, to estimate the price, then email us the details to arrange pre-payment (an adjustment may be required if your order changes)

Promotional Discounts cannot be redeemed in cash or applied in conjunction with other discounts. Sorry, we cannot apply discounts retroactively to orders already processed.

Sample Discount

The display samples you show clients are key to your success, and they're a big investment, which is why we offer generous discounts to get you started.

New customers: We offer 25% discount on up to three Display Samples from each of our Book and Album, Canvas, Frame and Box ranges.

Regular (Tier) clients receive 40% discount on additional samples relative to their previous purchases. Tier Discount applies on top of Sample Discount. Please contact Client Support to discuss your entitlement.

How it works

For books and albums order the album in Workspace as usual, but check the "sample album" checkbox before you submit it. If your order qualifies, Order Processing will deduct the discount from the order before requesting payment.

For boxes, frames and canvases, order as normal in the Workspace Shopping Cart, but before paying, enter one of the following Promo Codes (each code can be used only once, and only to order the relevant product):

  • Canvases: use SMPC1, SMPC2 or SMPC3. 
  • Frames: use SMPF1, SMPF2 or SMPF3.
  • Boxes: use SMPB1, SMPB2 or SMPB3.

Sample discount is not available on Copy Albums, DVD Cases, album Carry Cases and Display Boxes, bulk orders for Studio boxes, or loose and matted prints. Samples are imprinted with "Display Sample - not for resale". 

Companion discount on books and albums

If you order more than one book or album from the same event (ie set of photographs) you may qualify for Companion Discount of 15%Tier Discount applies on top of Companion Discount.

For example, when you place orders in Workspace you'll be asked if you'd like to order one or more duplicate albums (exact replicas). Any duplicates would qualify for 15% Companion Discount.

However products don’t need to be duplicates to qualify for Companion Discount. They simply need to be created from the same set of images, and ordered, paid for and shipped at the same time. Companion discount will apply to all but the highest priced item.

If your order qualifies, Order Processing will deduct the discount from the order before requesting payment. Sorry, Copy Albums and products other than books and albums are excluded.

Tier Discount: regular clients never pay full price

Once the value of your Queensberry purchases qualify you for Tier status, Tier Discount will apply to almost all your purchases with the exception of special offers that offer even better savings.

The "Tier" an account qualifies for depends on sales over the previous 12 months. The rate of discount depends which group the product falls into:

Group 1: Albums, Designer Album Boxes, Canvases, Frames, Loose Matted Prints.

Group 2: Photo Books, Premium, Studio and Print Boxes, Loose Photographic and Fine Art Prints (except "Discounted Prints", which are already heavily discounted).

Tier Level

Tier 1+
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

Group 1


Group 2


How it works

At the end of each month we calculate the total value of your purchases over the previous twelve months. Once you reach the minimum qualifying level you'll start to earn Tier Discounts on future purchases, starting at the Tier 3 rate (above). Your discount will increase as your purchases reach the qualifying level for Tier 2, Tier 1 etc.

For example, suppose you're on the Tier 1 rate...

  • You'll save 10% on all your regular Group 1 purchases, 20% on Group 2.
  • Companion discount on books and albums still applies, so you'll receive Tier Discount on top of the discounted Companion price.
  • If we run a 15% special offer on Boxes (Group 2) we'll still deduct Tier Discount because that's the better deal in your case.
  • But if the special offer is for 30% off, we'll apply that instead (just quote the promo code as usual).
  • If you order samples (books, albums, boxes or wall art) we'll apply Tier Discount in addition to 40% Sample Discount.

If you’d like to know your Tier Status and the revenue targets in your region, please email us. We expect you'll be able to check out this information in Workspace very soon.