Discontinued products and thei

Discontinued products and their availability

In many labs these days the only people who look at your prints are the Dispatch team. Strange as it seems, that makes sense – it’s your files they’re printing, and something has to give if you want low prices. But it doesn’t make sense at Queensberry.

All Discontinued Products

Cover materials –

Classic Leather Grass obsolete. No longer available.
Classic Leather Navy obsolete. No longer available.
Contemporary Leather Earth obsolete. No longer available.
Contemporary Leather Bauxite obsolete. No longer available.
Contemporary Leather Cactus discontinued. Available while stocks last.
Buckram Gold discontinued. Still available while stocks last
Buckram Copper discontinued. Still available while stocks last.
Buckram Rose discontinued. Still available while stocks last.
Buckram Bridal White discontinued. Still available while stocks last.
Buckram Bronze discontinued. Still available while stocks last.
Buckram Indigo discontinued. Still available while stocks last.
Antique White Bengaline. No longer available.
Pacific range. No longer available. 

Page Features –

Berry Pages discontinued. Still available while stocks last. 
Unassembled and partially assembled Classic Matted albums are obsolete. All books and albums are now delivered fully assembled.

Accessory and Packaging –

Velvet Bags – black Bags unavailable since our packaging redesign in November 2014. Now offered in grey only.
Dustjackets – Dustjackets are no longer available.
Mayu Cases- No longer available. 

Our policy

Even the best product lines don't last forever. As soon as we decide - or are forced - to discontinue a product, we remove it from new Swatch Book releases and cease offering it as an option in studio display samples.

We do our best to advise you as soon as possible, especially if you've purchased it in the past.

Wherever possible we continue to supply the product for your customer orders for at least another 12 months. Sometimes this is not possible, perhaps because our own suppliers have suddenly withdrawn the product or because we have been experiencing service problems with it.

Upgrading Samples

If we cannot supply product to match a Sample that is less than a year old (and on which we allowed you discount), we will replace it. Most often, clients will want to replace the cover of the existing Sample so that they can retain the existing photographs, but we will replace the entire album to the same value if you prefer. If you want the cover only replaced, we will collect the existing album from you at our own expense.

Please contact us if you have any questions.