Book and Album Design Services

Free album design and colour correction

Album design and Basic colour correction by Queensberry are free with album orders, with the exception of Q Books and Studio Albums, for which a fee applies. You’ll be able to review, request changes and approve the design in Workspace. (If you wish, you can involve your clients as well.)

If for any reason your album order is cancelled, or isn’t confirmed and paid for within 120 days, we will charge a design fee. We will credit this off the cost of the album if we receive the order later.

We will relax these conditions for regular ("Tier") clients by agreement.

How to add QBY design service to your order

Start by…

Either Under the BUY menu in the main Workspace navigation, select "Books and Albums". (With this option you'll specify the album first and select, or upload, the images later.)

Or Upload the images first to Workspace. To do that click Images in the main navigation and go to your image galleries. Either create a new "event" and upload images to it, or click through to an event you've already set up. With an event open, click the ORDER products button and select "Design an album."

Both the above options take you to the Album Set-up screen where you will specify the album details — size, cover material and style, pages etc. One of the first questions Workspace will ask you is to specify a "design method". Select the Queensberry Design Service option and Workspace will know that you want us to design the album for you.

Workspace will also ask you to identify the specific image collection you would like us to use for the album. This might be the default All Images collection, or another you've created just for this purpose. The collection must include only the images you want to appear in the album, in the order you want them to appear. In a large album (12x12 and up) plan on an average of up to six images per page (two sides). Smaller albums should have less.

Once you have sent us the design order, our team will design your album (this can take 3-5 working days) and upload it back up to Workspace for you to view and to comment on. You'll receive an email when the design is ready to be viewed. 

Design service FAQ

How can I get the price of the album?

We can only give you a completely accurate price once the design process is complete, when we can include any additional costs such as chargeable edits, additional files, artwork services, layouts added or removed, and album option changes that affect the total price.

However, we have online price calculators that are really quick and easy to use. These can give you a pretty close estimate of the final cost. Using the calculators, you can compare the price of the different album formats, explore the cost of different album options or price the specific options of your album. You will need to login to your account to use them.

How do we view and make comments to the design draft?

The best way to view the design is definitely in Workspace, where both you and your own customer can view the layouts, add comments (to both yourself and our design team) and sign off on the final version. To view the design online with Workspace, click on the link we will send you with each draft. You will need to login to your account. For more information on Workspace Album Proofing, making comments and sending designs to your client, click here

What is the charge for Queensberry's editing service?

With our free design service, we offer up to twenty individual image edits (changes to the size, position, treatment etc of a particular image) free of charge. Extra edits are charged for.

Additional edit charges (Per image moved):
NZD - 0.68 cents
AUD - 0.68
GBP - 0.43
USD - 0.74

If you cancel an order, or the order is not confirmed and paid for within 120 days, we charge a design fee. We will credit this off the cost of the album when we receive the order.

I haven't received a revised draft yet?

If edit requests have been received, we would normally have a revised draft sent back to you within 1-2 working days. Please contact us if you haven't heard from us.

Why does the cover motif not show my clients name?

The cover motif shown in the draft is just a representation. The motif will be made using the details you entered when submitting the design. You can view the details you entered on the 1st page of the PDF we send out of each draft.

Will this album have a translucent title?

The translucent title is not available to view in the draft as it is made up separately once the design is in production. The translucent title will be made using the details you entered when submitting the design.

How do I send additional files?

Our design styles

If you intend to use our free design service please start by choosing a design style (the guidelines we follow when creating your album plan). You'll need to choose one when you order, as a starting point for the design. 

We have three design styles. 

1. Q1 – Balance, harmonious, pure and tasteful 

Our Q1 style is the ultimate in simplicity with consitent and symetrical design. This design style is available in any of our books or albums (Q Books, Overlay Matted, Flushmount, Classic Matted or Duo). 

2. Q2 – Contemporary and Dynamic

Perfect for clients wanting contemporary and dynamic, but restrained, presentation with the occasional use of asymmetry and other layout elements to add freshness, variety and energy. Available in any of our books or albums (Press Books, Overlay Matted, Flushmount, Classic Matted or Duo).

3. Q3 – Decorative features

With gentle, stylish charm. Making use of decorative features such as opacity, coloured backgrounds etc. For clients wanting more decorative features in their Press Book or Flushmount album (not available in our matted albums).