How to supply a draft design a

How to supply draft matted album designs as a guide for the Queensberry design team

You may want to submit a draft design of your album to guide our designers. Often this will be because you want to order a matted album, which you cannot do directly with 3rd party software.

Submitting a draft design is not mandatory, but if you want to do so, please follow these steps carefully:

Step 1. Set up the album order in Workspace as described here. Very important: choose “Queensberry Design” as the Design Method, not “3rd Party”. When you've finished, save the design.

Step 2. In your third-party software create the draft design that you want our designers to as a guide.

Step 3. Go back to Workspace and upload all the images you've used in your draft design, as explained in the tutorial. Very important: upload the original files, not the page layouts. 

Step 4. Before you submit your order, state in the special instructions box that you will be sending a design draft for our guidance.

Step 5. After you've sent us your album order (not before — once we've received it, the order will have a Queensberry Order No.) open the album again in Workspace and follow these directions to upload your draft page layouts as Support Files. As the files are not to be printed or colour corrected they should be JPGs, and don’t need to be of print quality.