How to supply a draft design a

How to supply a draft design as a guide for the Queensberry design team

You may want to create a draft design to guide the Queensberry design team. For example, you may want to show them how you’d like the pages laid out, or the design may be for a matted album, which cannot be done with 3rd party software.

You’ll need to create the draft design in your third-party software, and send it to us for our guidance when setting up the final design in our software. There’s no charge for this (conditions apply). You can review the design in Workspace, request changes and approve the final version before it goes into production.

Set up the album as described here, but choose “Queensberry Design” as the Design Method, NOT “3rd Party”. You’ll need to upload the image files required for the album to Workspace, as explained in the tutorial.

Then, before you submit your order in Workspace, state in the special instructions box that you are sending a design draft for our guidance, and attach the exported 3rd party layouts as a support file. As the files are not to be printed or colour corrected they should be JPGs, and don’t need to be of print quality.

You can send support files at any time. Locate the album in Workspace by clicking Albums in the main navigation. Then select List View, click on Actions, select “Send Support Files” and follow the prompts.