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Create a Coupon

coupon is a ticket or document that can be redeemed for a financial discount on product and/or shipping costs. Workspace allows you to create coupons, to issue to your clients for discounts in the consumer shopping cart, perfect for sales promotions.

About coupons

You can discount the product and/or the shipping charge separately. In both cases the discount may be a percentage OR up to a specific maximum. The maximum amount will be in your currency. If sales are made in other currencies it will be converted at current rates.

You can specify a start and finish date, a maximum number of uses (eg. once only, or 100) and a minimum order amount. Each shopping cart order placed is one "use".

You can apply the coupon either to ALL events and collections OR to a selected event. If you select an event you can apply it to all the collections in an event OR to a single collection.

You can apply coupons to specific products. 

If you offer discounts on Workspace-fulfilled products (prints, canvases, albums etc) and the discounted amount your customer pays is less than the wholesale price of the products purchased, you must pay the difference between the payment collected and the wholesale cost before we supply the products purchased.

How to create a coupon in Workspace

Victoria explains how to create a coupon in Workspace and how your clients can use this in the consumer shopping cart.

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