Album proofing – help for phot

You've received an email asking you to review your album design, now what?

This process provides a way to preview the design of your album, make comments and suggest changes, and finally, approve the design when you're happy with it!


Watch the video tutorial below to see how simple it is to proof your album.

0.30 How to reply to a comment
1.30 How to view the conversation history
1.54 How to see all layouts
2.00 How to add a comment
2.16 How to send feedback/approve album

Please note:

  • When you receive the album design, it is locked. Your photographer will not be able to make changes or order the album until you submit feedback or approve the design. 
  • This process is designed to show your album page layouts. You will not be able to preview some other elements, such as cover motifs and title pages.
  • If you have requested design changes, your photographer will make the required changes and send you a follow-up draft to review.