Blog in Workspace

Your blog is a tool for drawing people in from Facebook and other social media sites, for keeping your site fresh, interesting and ever-changing, and for keeping your image galleries and work in front of people. Your ideas and interests too!

It's simple to set up your blog using Workspace, but you’ll need to upgrade to one of our paid Workspace plans (starting at US$10 per month). Just click Blog under Settings in the Workspace Menu. There you can select your blog template, and set the profile image and intro text for your side panel. We recommend a small profile picture (300px width) for faster loading.

Creating your first blog post

Now that you've got your blog set up, it's time to start creating posts to share with your audience.

Edit: We can no longer schedule blog posts on Facebook as Facebook has introduced their own scheduling feature. Just post the blog post as you regularly would and instead of posting click schedule and edit when you'd like to post it.