Blog in Workspace

Your blog is a tool for drawing people in from Facebook and other social media sites, for keeping your site fresh, interesting and ever-changing, and for keeping your image galleries and work in front of people. Your ideas and interests too!

How to set up Workspace Blog

It's simple to set up your blog using Workspace, but you’ll need to upgrade to one of our paid Workspace plans (starting at US$10 per month). Just click Blog under Settings in the Workspace Menu. There you can select your blog template, and set the profile image and intro text for your side panel. We recommend a small profile picture (300px width) for faster loading.

Import Wordpress blog (0.25)
Blog styles (1.00)
Blog side panel (1.43)

Selecting your theme


The must-have for every blog is SIMPLICITY, so that nothing comes between you and getting your posts out. But one size does not fit all, which is why we offer three simple blogging templates: BasicView More and Thumbnail. You can also customise your blog's side panel, by adding a profile image and intro text. (The side panel drops off on mobile to keep the focus on the content). Every template allows you to select a Feature Image, which we explain below. And of course, all styles are mobile-friendly. View links below to view demos of each style. 

BASIC: The catchphrase is “simple”. Your front page displays your latest posts as a single column of text and images. With a clean new font and the redesigned side panel, your blog will look modern and elegant. You can choose a feature image for posting to Facebook etc.

"VIEW MORE": If you blog regularly, post lots of images, or have lots to say, the Basic style may be unwieldy. In which case View More may be the perfect choice. It displays the feature image, a short teaser paragraph and a “View More” link to the complete post. It makes your posts easier to browse, and looks great without images as well.

THUMBNAIL: This is another way to display all your recent posts in an easy-to-browse format. A grid layout picks up the feature image you’ve chosen for each post. With a simple hover, the blog title and a small teaser paragraph appear. If you’ve chosen our Captured website theme, which is also grid-based, you’ll have a consistent look across your site. Your blog posts open up in a single column, as with the Basic and View More styles.

Creating your first blog post

Now that you've got your blog set up, it's time to start creating posts to share with your audience.

Creating your first blog post (0.07)
Sharing and scheduling your blog posts (4:55) 

Blog Categories 

Divide your blog content into different categories so your readers can find relevant information easily. 

Create a blog category (0.30)
Apply a category to a blog post (1.39)