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Digital Offset printing — durability

You can have confidence in the longterm durability of the digital offset-printing in our books, albums, frames and boxes.

1. All our digital offset paper stocks are certified as coming from sustainable forests (FSC or equivalent certified).

2. With one exception they are also of certified conservation quality,  and pH buffered to ensure they remain acid-free longterm. The Light Satin stock is highly regarded and widely used in the digital offset printing industry but does not claim conservation status.

3. The HP Indigo inks we use are tested and certified, and compare favourably with other photographic printing technologies in terms of permanence.

4. Preserving your favourite images in books and albums is the best way to ensure their longevity as it will protect them from ultraviolet light etc. Be sure to store them in dry, temperate conditions. See our article on caring for your album.

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