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Boxes for matted prints — Studio or Premium?

You can read all about Studio and Premium Boxes on our main website.

Here in a nutshell are a few factors that could affect which of the two you may prefer as a professional photographer.

The Studio Box has a simple flat lid that lends itself to customisation with personal and studio embossings, a ribbon closure etc. It can also be designed orientated vertically or horizontally to suit the images.

The Premium Box has a more robust split lid secured with hidden a magnetic fastener. Because of the lid construction, customising options are more restricted and all boxes are "vertical".

Most boxes are sold printed and fully assembled, ready for your customer. However Studio Boxes can also be ordered "empty" (without mats). Boxes and mats can both be ordered in bulk for you to assemble in studio. In that case prints need to be ordered separately as well.

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