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Loose, matted, mounted, texturised, laminated, multiprint!

Loose prints

"The print and nothing more." Frame them or supply them as-is. We recommend framing for protection, especially with Fine art prints.

Matted prints

Supplied in an enclosed, protective mat, in the same sizes as our Studio and Premium folio boxes. Come standard with a protective cover sheet. Suitable for framing later if desired.

 Mounted prints

The print is attached to a rigid backing. Offered with Canvas or True Photographic (silver halide) printing. On request you can order prints mounted on either foam board or more durable poster board, which is more robust for exhibitions but not as suitable for long term applications. Not available in retail carts.

Texturised prints

The print is covered with a texturised UV-protective laminate. May be ordered loose, mounted, or as an un-glazed framing option. True photographic prints only.

Laminated prints

Prints are encapsulated in a plastic envelope. A limited range of sizes. Used primarily by "volume" photographers for schools and other groups.


Another option for group photographers. Multiple copies of a single image, supplied as a single print. A wide variety of sizes and layouts to choose from. 

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