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True photographic, fine art, offset and canvas

You'll find full details of our printing and paper stock options on our main website. Two main factors will affect your choice:

  • The look you're after (e.g. textured or smooth, lustre or matte).
  • It's suitability for the product you want to create.

True photographic printing

True photographic (silver halide) prints offer high quality, longevity and very affordable prices. All three are the result of constant refinement over more than a hundred years. Because the image is embedded in the paper stock they're ideal for loose prints, boxes and albums, where the prints are subject to handling. They're available across our entire range of products except Photo Books.

Fine Art (inkjet) printing

 Given high-quality files, inkjet delivers gorgeous prints and a wider colour gamut than other printing technologies. Another benefit is the variety of stocks we offer — e.g. paper or cotton rag, textured or smooth. The prints are more expensive — and more delicate — than true photographic.

We do offer loose Fine Art prints, but we recommend that you frame these to protect them. We don't offer Fine Art in un-matted Print Boxes, as they are not suitable for regular handling.

Click here for Fine Art design and care tips, especially in albums.

Offset printing

Offset printing is found in everything from art books to magazines. Digital offset technology allows us to use in in one-off products like our albums and books. It has several advantages:

  • More affordable and more durable than inkjet.
  • Like inkjet, can be printed on a variety of stocks for different "looks".
  • Can be printed on both sides, making it ideal for Photo Books.

We offer offset printing mainly in albums and photo books, but it's also available in some other products, including boxes.

Canvas printing

We offer canvas prints with a variety of options, including substrate, printing and lacquer finish.

Most canvas prints are delivered on stretcher frames, but they're also available as a framing option (supplied unglazed) and as a designable cover option for boxes, books and albums.

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