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The cropping screen

Images in loose prints are cropped in the shopping cart, not while you're choosing the prints.

Images in frames, loose matted prints and matted print boxes are cropped individually as you set up the product, not in the shopping cart.

Images in canvases are also cropped as you're setting up the product, but you can also adjust them when you view the shopping cart .

If you don't adjust the crop

Workspace will use as much of the image as possible. If the aspect ratio of the print/product and the image file are different, Workspace will crop the image equally top and bottom or side to side as necessary.

How the crop screen works

  • To zoom in and out on the image, use the slider bar.
  • Hover over the image and drag it to re-position the crop.
  • Click the Rotate button to change the print from vertical to horizontal or vice versa,
  • Once cropping is complete click 'SAVE AND CLOSE'.
  • To close the window without saving click 'BACK TO CART'.
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