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How to order loose prints wholesale

Step 1

Click Buy in the main Workspace navigation. Then select either Fine Art (inkjet) or Photographic (silver halide) prints off the pop-up list of product types.

A screen will open showing a few stock images of the product, with pop-ups to select a print size and a paper/print option.

Workspace assumes you'll normally be ordering more than one print. It uses your selections here as defaults to save you entering them again.

True Photographic prints: the options available (e.g. Lustre or Glossy) depend on the print size, and with certain print sizes you have the option of a white border on the prints.

The white border does not enlarge the print or crop the image — the image is scaled to fit inside the border, with a minor impact on the aspect ratio.

Fine Art prints: you'll have a choice of print stocks but no border option.

When you've finished, click the Next button to go to Step 2.

Step 2. Select an image source

After clicking Next, at the bottom of the new screen you'll see a panel with all your image galleries (events).

Click on a gallery to see the Collections it contains — maybe one based on your client's favourites, for example. If you haven't created any collections you'll still see "all images".

Click on a Collection to reveal the images in it.

  •  If you want to upload new images click on the big '+' icon to add a new Gallery. You need to be in the "all events" view.
  • You can select images from multiple events and collections in the same order. 
  • If you've already selected a particular Gallery at some point in this shopping cart session you may only see Collections that belong to that gallery. Click on "All Events" above the thumbnails to see all your galleries.

Step 3. Order the prints

Now that you have the images in a Collection displayed, you can add an image to your order by double clicking on it, or by dragging it into the box at the top of the screen.

The image will be added to your order using the default settings for size etc that you set in Step 1.

  • Dragging an image onto an item you've already selected for printing does not change the existing item, it adds a new line to your order.
  • If you want to delete an item, click on the trash can.
  • You can change the size and other options as necessary line by line. The available options may change depending on the size.
  • Thumbnails are marked with a tick (check) once you've selected them to print .

Once you're happy, click the View Cart button to continue.

Step 4. View Cart

When you click View Cart, an Order Summary appears. If you've placed orders earlier, whether for other prints or for different product types, they will appear in the cart with the prints you've just added.

On this screen you can ask us to colour correct the image(s) and enter any promo code. You'll find the colour correction option in the top left section of the page, under the Coupon Code box. If not selected we will print your images as supplied.

The hidden benefits of Queensberry colour correction.

On the Order Summary screen you can also adjust the image crop. If you don't do so, and the aspect ratio of the print and the file are not the same, the image will be aligned centrally on the print.

The cropping screen.

  • If you see a red alert against an item, click on it and go back to complete the necessary details.
  • You can also delete items from your order, change quantities, or empty the cart completely.

When you're ready to confirm and place your order, continue to Shipping and finalise your payment details. Once payment has been arranged your order will go straight into production. 

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