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Review your Queensberry account

Login to Workspace and click on Account in the main navigation, then select Account Transactions. This will take you to your Queensberry account window.

Note: this window shows your own wholesale transactions with Queensberry. To view your retail sales in Workspace click on Track Sales in the Workspace navigation.

 The Account window has two tabs, opens to the Outstanding Orders tab.

Outstanding Orders

This tab shows orders that have not yet been charged. In the Type column they will be shown as either "in production" or "on hold". "On hold" means that the order has not yet gone into production. This normally means that the order has not yet been confirmed or paid in full. Occasionally orders are pulled from production because of an issue that needs to be resolved.

Click on the blue link to open the Order Detail screen and follow the order's progress through the system. For example,

Requires confirmation: YES
Has been confirmed: NO

means the order needs to be confirmed but you haven't done so yet.

Payment arranged: NO

means we have yet to receive payment in full.

How to understand the Order Detail screen.

Charged transactions

This tab shows payments received and orders that have been charged for the current month and the six months prior.

Click on the blue links to open the same transaction detail screen as for the uncharged orders.

Once an order has been collected by our courier a tracking number will be displayed as a live link.

You can download a PDF copy invoice from the Order Detail screen or, on the Charged tab, select multiple invoices for download.

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