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How PayPal payouts are calculated

Payouts generally only occur if PayPal is the processor, as Stripe payouts are paid immediately. We'll be discontinuing PayPal processing in the near future as users have migrated almost entirely to Stripe, but meanwhile, if you've made retail sales in Workspace, and Workspace has received payment on your behalf, chances are you'll be due a payout on the sales.

How your payout is calculated

For transactions where the goods are delivered by Queensberry the payout is calculated as the value of the retail sale minus these costs:

  • The production cost (Queensberry's invoice, including tax)
  • Recovery of any PayPal processing fees charged to QBY

You can see these amounts in the Sales Tracker transaction listing.

Points to note

  • The GST or VAT charged on the retail sale is NOT deducted from your payout as it's your responsibility to declare and pay it —  assuming you're registered.
  • If you are registered you will be able to claim back GST/VAT on QBY's invoice.
  • If you're not registered you shouldn't be charging tax, and won't be able to deduct the tax charged by Queensberry.
  • If you're receiving payouts directly from PayPal or Stripe, the processing fees they charge won't be deducted as they're not visible to Workspace.
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