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Advantages of Queensberry colour correction

Our Colour Correction services offer two main benefits — in addition to freeing up your time!

First, it will be our team's job to produce the best possible print for you (always dependent of the quality of the file, of course!).

And just as important, instead of going straight to the printer, our expert eyes will review each layout to ensure that every aspect of the product and the image is the best it can be. (It helps that real human beings do this, not an algorithm!)

Something to bear in mind, however, is that as a specialised portrait and wedding lab, we colour-correct to optimise natural skin-tones etc and to achieve consistency across the images in a product. But you may be after specific visual effects that conflict with that goal! If so it may be more practical to do the work yourself.

Here's a partial list of the problems that we check for, and can resolve before we do your printing:

  • Are the images ICC-profiled? Are there any obvious colour management problems?
  • Are the images correctly exposed? White balance OK etc?
  • Are the images soft or pixelated?
  • Are the image files big enough/good enough to print?
  • Are there problems that require artwork?

Here are some additional problems we check for in book and album layouts:

  • Are there alignment problems (irregularities) between images?
  • Are image borders too close to the page edge ?
  • Are there rotational problems or scaling problems ?
  • Are all the images present in the exported layouts?
  • Are the panorama pages split in appropriate positions?
  •  Are there opacity issues (we recommend no less than 60%)?

We do not guarantee that we will discover any or all problems that you or your client might notice. In the end, this is your responsibility and a matter of judgment. Always check your files carefully before sending them to us and complete any remedial artwork that YOU feel is necessary, or if you prefer arrange for us to do it for you.

If we do pick up on a problem with your files, we can refer the job back for you to resolve, or we can fix many of these issues for you (check your price list for details of our charges).

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