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Getting Started Print Shop

Print Shop is an eCommerce solution designed for photographers and artists who sell their work as decor or works of art. Simply upload the images you want to sell, give them a name, description and price, and we handle everything else … so you can get back to creating art and marketing it.

This article explains how to set up your Print Shop in Workspace. If you need help creating your Price Lists or building your Workspace website please follow the links at the end of this page.

How to set up your Print Shop in Workspace from Queensberry on Vimeo.

Step 1: Set up your Price Lists

Price Lists allow you to select the products and options you want to offer in your Print Shop. You can set up as many price lists as necessary. Here are two reasons why you might need more than one!

• You might like to set different prices for different products. For example you might have a different price list for limited edition prints vs. regular bulk run prints.

• We recommend matching the aspect ratio of your image files to the products you’re selling in the store, so they don't require cropping. Price Lists determine the products on offer for a specific image, so we recommend setting up separate price lists for each aspect ratio. For example separate 3:2 (full frame), 4:3 and "A" price lists might include 36x24, 40x30 and A1 frame or mat options respectively, depending on the image.

How to create a price list →

Step 2. Select the images you want to sell

Once you’ve set up your Price Lists you can begin collecting the images you want to sell.

Tip: You may need to resize your images to ensure that the files match the aspect ratio of the products in your various price lists. 

Step 3. Create your shop

Click “Image Gallery” in the main navigation in Workspace, and create a new gallery. Name your Print Shop and select that it is a “Print Shop Gallery”.

Tip: You will need to a Pro Subscription or higher to access this feature.

Step 4. Build your product catalogue

Once your store is created, it's time to build your product catalogue.

Upload your Print Files by clicking “Upload Images”, and dragging the print files into the uploader. Each image will be turned into it’s own unique product.

Now you can customise images by giving them individual names and descriptions, linking the relevant price lists, uploading "display images", and setting them as Limited Editions (to limit the maximum sales).

Tip: as elsewhere in Workspace, people will not be able to see the original high-res file until they make a purchase. Instead Workspace will display a smaller proxy.

About display images: One of the cool things about Print Shop is that you can upload "display images" that are separate from the image file you're selling — for example "room view" images that give a sense of scale by showing them in the home or office. If you don’t upload display images, only the image (print) file will appear. If you do use display images you can optionally "hide" the print file.

Step 5. Link your Print Shop to your website

If you’re using Workspace Websites: Click “Preview Print Shop” and copy the link to your store. Now in your website create a URL link in your navigation. You can also copy the link and add it to your call-to actions on your site.

If you’re integrating with another website platform: Copy the link like above, but go into your main website and add it where you want to link to you Print Shop.

Step 6. Set up Facebook and Instagram shopping

If you’re launching your Print Shop you should take advantage of Instagram and Facebook’s amazing shopping features, to which you can easily link your Print Shop. Follow the link below for how to do this.

How to set up Facebook and Instagram Shopping  →

Step 7. Market your store

Now your store is live it's time to market it!

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