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How does the page designer work?

Your website is a tool to get your name out there, increase bookings, keep your clients updated, and share your work. You can do all that very easily in Workspace. 

The Page Designer

Each page is built up of horizontal sections, which you can divide up into columns. Within those columns, you add "widgets" to build components like hero images, text, contact forms and slide shows into your site. Workspace has a wide range of easy-to-use widgets so you can customise your site exactly how you want.  

How to…

Once you've clicked "add new page" under the Workspace navigation, enter the page details and then click "add new section." Change the columns to suit what you're looking for and then click the "+" sign to add a widget to that column. 

Below is an example of an About page we set up in five minutes. At the top is a one column section displaying a banner image. Below that we've added another section, also single column, with two basic text editor widgets, one above the other. The first one is our header, with the header style attached (more on this another day), and below that some simple "about" text. Without much work, we've designed a simple, yet powerful About page. Not to mention it looks great on mobile devices too.

You'll find brief video tutorials attached to many widgets, explaining their purpose and how to use them.

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