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How to add users to your Workspace accounts

Did you know you can add multiple users to your main Workspace account for no extra cost? Invite people to become a user of your account and restrict what they do by editing their permissions to perform selected tasks, such as album design or guest posting on your blog. You can also switch between your accounts, which is useful if you have multiple studios/ Workspace accounts.

Below we will explain how to add different users to your account, adjust their permissions and how to switch easily between Workspace accounts.

How to add different users to your account:

  1. Click "Settings" in the main navigation. 
  2. Under "Account Details" click the link: "Users on this account"
  3. Click "Invite User"
  4. Enter in the Users First Name, Last Name, Email, and your invite message. and select their permissions. 

How to switch easily between Workspace accounts:

If you're running multiple studios or Workspace accounts, follow the steps above to add yourself as a user on that account. Inviting yourself as an admin. This will allow you to toggle between each Workspace account easily. 

Once you're an admin of both account, click "Account" in the main navigation and click "Change Account" this will bring up a list of accounts you manage. Simply click on the one you want to use and the page will refresh and you can begin acting as that user. 

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