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How to add music to your album slideshows

The Queensberry online album designer is a great on the go resource that makes designing albums quick and easy. You can share your design with your clients for proofing, or share a slideshow of the finished design by email or on social media. Here's how to upload a song to Workspace, attach it to your album slideshows, and share them just like you share your image galleries.

1. Upload your chosen song 

In Workspace’s main navigation click “Settings” then "Appearance". Go to the Music tab to upload your music track. Please ensure you have the rights to use it before uploading. Workspace will store your song for future use.

2. Attach the song

After uploading the song you will need to go to the album design you wish to attach it to. With the album on screen, click GO TO and select Album Details to open a new window. Where it says Music Selection, select the song you wish to use from the drop-down. Click GO TO again, then Design, to go back to the album designer.

3. Share the slideshow 

In the album design window, click SHARE, then "Share slideshow by social media or email".  Email the design to yourself or your client, or share it on social media

You or your client can now click the link URL and scroll through the design using the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Turn on the music by clicking the music icon in the bottom right hand corner. Or expand to hide the layout bar and view a larger preview (perfect for client viewings).

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