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Delivery of products

We service all our clients directly, never through distributors. Shipping on finished products is free (one shipment per order).

Into Australia, Canada, the UK and USA we clear orders through customs and deliver door-to-door. In other parts of the world you may be required to pay local tarrifs and charges before delivery.


Prices for all our books, albums, boxes, frames and canvases include shipping. That is, you can order any of those products from us and we’ll deliver it anywhere in the world free of charge. For full details see below, and check out our Price Calculators.

We do charge freight on loose photographic and fine art prints. Certain other components and add-on products may incur freight unless other items in your order qualify for free freight. 

How we deliver

Our customers around the world receive their goods via the world’s largest international courier, DHL. Once the parcel has left our Bindery you can track it all the way to your door using DHL’s Track and Trace system. We choose DHL because they deliver just about anywhere - and because their prompt, dependable service inspires the confidence we all absolutely need.

Order tracking: Shortly after you receive email comfirmation from us saying an order has been shipped, you'll be able to find its tracking number in Workspace. Click on Accounts in the main navigation, then Account Transactions / Charged Transactions.

Customs charges and taxes

If you reside in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, all duty and customs charges are included in our prices. Any Sales Tax, GST, VAT etc due in your country are charged as an extra on our invoices and paid by us or our agents at the border. Where appropriate, you can reclaim the GST or VAT we have charged you as an offset on your tax return, just as you can with local suppliers.

In other countries you will be responsible for paying any duties, sales tax and customs clearance charges that may be due on entry to your country. In such cases DHL will invoice you for these charges. You should expect to pay them before the goods are delivered. Where appropriate, you can reclaim the GST or VAT that DHL charge you as an offset on your tax returns just as with local suppliers.

Delivery Times

So that we can be fair to all our clients, we process orders strictly in the order we receive them. This policy applies to sample albums as well as to your normal orders.

All our products are customised and handmade. That means we cannot begin production until your order is received and loaded, and every detail confirmed. It also means that seasonal peaks and troughs have an impact on our delivery times.

Please help us deliver your albums quickly by:

  • Sending us complete, accurate orders
  • Answering our queries and confirming promptly.
  • Ensuring all image files are supplied, to specification, and of good quality.

Your orders will be delayed • if they are unclear, or information or files are missing • if there are problems with your image files or album layouts (spreads) that need to be fixed • if we have problems arranging payment, or we don't receive your confirmation. Because orders cannot be made until all issues are resolved, they need to come out of the production queue, and delays result.

If you want to set a deadline ("must-go date") for an order…

1. We cannot set must-go dates until:

  • We have received all the details of your order (including copy album orders etc) PLUS all images, including page layouts, cover images, embossings etc, PLUS personal text for cover motifs, titles etc.

  • You have answered our queries and confirmed the order.

  • We have received payment.

2. Until your order has been confirmed and paid for the ONLY advice we can give you about delivery times will be based on our standard turnaround times.

3. Our order processing staff will enter a "must-go" flag against your order provided that the production time required to process your order is NOT shorter than our current standard turnaround time, (in other words, won't require moving your order ahead of orders already in the queue). You can expect our staff to advise you of factors that could delay your order (eg materials out of stock).

4. Must-go deadlines that are shorter than our current standard turnaround times require authorisation by our production manager and in fairness to all our clients, will normally be declined.

5. Remember, the clock doesn't start "ticking" until your order has been confirmed and paid for.

6. If we experience problems with your printing files (eg unexpected quality problems, non-compliance with our file specifications) your order will need to come out of the production queue until these issues are resolved, and delays will result.

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