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Print Ready Service

The need for professionalism in the areas of colour management, colour correction, retouching etc is as great today as it ever was. The question is, who do you want to do the work, you or us? If it's you, you need to choose Print-Ready.

The service

Our Print-ready service gives you greater creative control but comes at the expense of time and responsibility. You really do need to be an expert to get high quality and predictable results.

When you order our print-ready service, we assume you have edited and proofed the files against our printer profiles, and they're ready to send to our printers (which are calibrated regularly for consistent quality). We don’t modify your image files in any way. Our responsibility is to faithfully reproduce the images you have created. 

File handling of any sort, if required, incurs extra charges. Your Print-Ready files will NOT be reviewed by our staff before printing. Always check your files carefully before sending them to us and complete any remedial artwork YOU feel is necessary.

What you'll need to get it right

A high quality, calibrated colour monitor set up in a neutral working area with suitable, consistent lighting is essential for all work with images (clothing should be neutral too).

You'll need to understand, and be able to manage, the ICC profiles of your monitors and cameras.

You'll need our lab ICC profile, to apply when you soft-proof your work, for a good idea of how your finished prints will look.

You'll require professional standard colour correction and soft-proofing skills.

Finally, you'll need to upload the corrected images to the lab ready for us to send them directly to our printers. Any file handling or editing required will incur charges. Click here for our file specifications, working space recommendation and photoshop colour settings set-up tutorial.

Please note: We don’t modify your files and therefore don’t offer no-charge remakes. Always soft-proof your images against our ICC lab profile on a calibrated monitor before uploading them for printing.

To avoid expense and disappointment we may ask you to confirm that you are happy with the prints (or recommend that you correct the files and reprint them) before assembling them into albums or other products.

Files must be supplied as flattened JPEGs cropped and sized to match the finished print dimensions at 250 dpi. HOWEVER layered PSD files are essential if you want us to make Digital Copies of matted album page layouts, and will incur extra charges.

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