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Queensberry's colour correction service

Colour correction, retouching etc. Do you want to do the work yourself? Or let us do it for you, so you can get back to shooting pictures and selling them.

Batch, Basic and Premium Colour Correction

As a specialised portrait and wedding lab we colour-correct so as to optimise natural skin-tones and, where appropriate, optimise consistency across all the images in a product.

Batch density/brightness control (for wholesale print orders only, up to 13.3x10)

You can request our affordable batch density/brightness control service when ordering loose silver halide or fine art prints up to size 13.3x10in, but not larger prints, or books and albums. We review your files before printing and adjust density/brightness where necessary for consistent, high-quality prints. This service is not available in your retail shopping cart.

Basic Colour Correction (Books and Albums only)

Basic colour correction is a free service for most Queensberry albums, but a small charge applies to Studio Albums and Q-Book orders. Simply request basic colour correction when you place your book or album order. (If you don't want us to colour correct please select the "Don't Touch" option when placing orders or setting up price lists.)

We INDIVIDUALLY CORRECT each file, adjusting RGB colour values, density (exposure, brightness) and contrast across the ENTIRE IMAGE, aiming for consistency across each layout. We can colour correct albums that you've designed yourself, but if you're uploading ready-made page layouts containing multiple images, layered PSDs are ESSENTIAL — so that we can colour correct each image independently.

For a small extra charge, you can upgrade to Premium colour correction.

Premium colour correction (for all Queensberry products and prints)

Premium colour correction offers even higher consistency and quality across all our prints and products, including books and albums. In addition to adjusting colour and contrast etc, we optimise skin tones, shadow and highlight detail as much as the file allows, paying particular attention to key points such as bridal dresses. This is not an artwork service, although we may remove minor file imperfections if we notice them. In books, albums and boxes we aim for consistency across all images in the product. If you are ordering other products (eg frames and canvases) that will be displayed together please order them at the SAME TIME and ask us to correct them together.


At times, photographs need extra editing in order to remove distractions, or open the eyes of the one person who blinked in the family photo. At Queensberry, we can take care of all the extra editing for you, saving you precious time. Read more about our Art Work Services here

Archiving your corrected files

Once your images have been satisfactorily corrected, they are saved with the changes. You can request a DVD burn of your images so that we can return the corrected layout files to you for archiving. We retain images on our own servers for three months after your order is completed.


On request, we will send you soft proofs so you can preview on screen the images as they will appear after printing. In certain circumstances, we may ask you to confirm that you are happy to proceed with printing on the basis of these soft proofs. We can also send you actual prints for approval (normal prices apply).

Before you place your order...

Before you place your order please double-check your files and page layouts (spreads) against our "benefits of colour correction check list" (above).


  • Are your special requests, comments or instructions clear? 
  • Do you require copy albums or other companion products?
  • Have you included all image files (including the album cover image)?
  • If you require custom embossing, have you included the print-ready artwork?
  • Are your file specifications correct (especially resolution (DPI) and filenames)?
  • Are you supplying the appropriate file type? (eg PSDs are required for Premium Colour Service).
  • Is any artwork required? Do you want Queensberry to do it? Are your instructions clear?
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