Technical specifications for p

Technical specifications for page layouts from 3rd-party software

The technical specifications of your layout files will depend on your choice of page type (eg flushmount, Q-Book) and printing (eg silver halide, fine art, offset). Also on whether you want us to colour correct the layouts! Please locate the correct combination in the table below and apply them when you export your page layout files for printing.

Click here for more about printing options, and page types, dimensions and weights.


Important Notes

- In Panorama albums prints are creased, not cut, at the spine. Classic Flush and Q-Book Medium are cut; Q-Book Lights are perfect bound. Always keep important content away from the spine.   

In Flushmounts we normally leave the left side of Layout 1 and right side of the last layout blank. These can be printed if you prefer, but in that case the album can't include a title page.

JPG files are preferred where possible, but PSDs are mandatory if we are to colour correct the images. (Warning: PSDs can be very large!) 

- After uploading to Workspace, please check that the layouts are in the order they should appear in the album. If not, drag them into the correct position.

Unless we are colour correcting, to ensure reliable, high quality prints you should always soft proof your files before uploading them.

Colour space: sRGB is acceptable, but Adobe 1998 is preferred because of its wider colour gamut.