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How to Order Books and Albums Using PJ –

You can design books and albums in Workspace or Photojunction. This page outlines the process in Photojunction. When you're starting out everything may feel a bit unfamiliar, but it’s a bit like going through a new airport terminal. We make it pretty hard to get lost, and soon you’ll feel like a frequent flier. Just remember, everything described below happens inside Photojunction (“PJ”).


Step 1: Download, install and register Photojunction. You may have done this already. Use the same email address and password as you do to sign up with Queensberry.


Step 2: On the PJ start screen, start a new project, import the images and specify your Album or Q-Book. If you’re not sure about something, check out product details on the website or in our sales kit.


Step 3: Tell us what services you want from us. Many people do their own design, but ask us to print and assemble their albums. We'll even colour-correct or artwork your images on request. 

For more about these services click here.


Step 4: Unless you're using our free design service, start designing your album. We could bore you with the details … or you could just play! There are heaps of resources in this Knowledgebase, or contact support if you need help.


Step 5: Export the layouts (if necessary), check your files, and upload your order to us through Photojunction.

Once you've placed your order, we'll confirm all the details with you, take payment, and put the album into production. Don’t worry, if we come across any problems we’ll work them through with you before we start work.

You’ll be able to work out the price using our price lists and calculators, and we won’t charge your card without your approval. Allow 3-4 weeks from the time we have payment to receive the finished product.