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Dropshipping to your clients

Workspace allows you to send products directly to your clients in both the wholesale and consumer cart. Read below for more information. 

Dropshipping – how it works


From Day One, in Workspace, we’ve shipped your shopping cart orders direct to your customers. It’s great! — all you have to do is bank the profits. Your clients enter their address and we ship all their product orders directly to them. 

But now we’re offering the same service for your wholesale orders. In Workspace, go to the BUY menu, set up your order, and, when you’re ready to check out, just check the “Send directly to client” radio button. Enter their address details and we’ll ship the goods directly to them. Another hassle taken care of! 

Note: Drop shipping is only available when your clients are in the same country as you. If they’re not, just add a note to your order and, if possible, we’ll sort something out for you.

Dropship orders do not contain invoices or paperwork with information surrounding manufacturing costs.