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Companion Discount

If you order more than one book or album from the same event (ie. set of photographs) you may qualify for Companion Discount of 15% discount, on all but the highest priced item. Copy Albums are excluded. The discounted items don’t need to be the same product or design, but to qualify all products must be ordered, paid for and shipped at the same time. Discount will be calculated on your order confirmation from Queensberry.

Sample Album Discount

The display samples you show clients are key to your success, and they're a big investment, which is why we offer generous discounts to get you started.

We offer new customers 25% discount on up to three Display Samples from our Book and Album ranges. Separately, we also offer 25% discount on up to three Display Samples from our Box and Canvas ranges. Regular clients earn an allowance towards additional Display Samples, as a percentage of previous purchases. Please contact Client Support to find out your entitlement.

How to order Simply order as for any product, but check the "sample album" check box before you confirm the order. If the check box is not available, simply request sample discount in the order comments.

Sample discount cannot be claimed in conjunction with other discounts, and does not apply to Flushmount Copy Albums, DVD Cases, Carry Cases or Display Boxes. All samples are imprinted with "Display Sample - not for resale".