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Custom Domain Setup

When you set up your Workspace website, the default URL is, where "studioname" is normally the name of your studio. You may prefer to register your own URL and point incoming traffic to that address instead. That is certainly best practice and a perfectly standard procedure, and this article explains how to do it. 

Setting custom domain in Workspace

Step 1. Set up your Workspace URL

Go to SETTINGS in the main navigation, then select click "Custom Domain & SEO" in the drop down menu. On the custom domain & SEO page, you'll find two URL fields. If you haven't already, fill in the first (MY WEBSITE ADDRESS). If your first choice is taken, you may need to choose another.

This address (eg is your default Workspace URL and is required even if you intend to use and promote a different URL. Further on, we're going to "redirect" traffic to it behind the scenes - ie. redirect traffic from (the custom URL that you own and promote, and that the visitor typed in or clicked on) to (what Workspace knows you as).

We'll use those URLs in the examples below.


Step 2. Register your domain

Domain name registration is not typically free; there is an initial cost which registers the domain name for a period of time, with ongoing renewal fees to keep the domain registered. You are responsible for those fees. To register a domain, you can contact an ICANN-accredited domain registrar such as GoDaddy or purchase through Workspace (more information below).

Note: You can link multiple URLs to your Workspace account, eg,,, could all be linked. Just purchase and set up additional URLs in exactly the same way.

Step 3. Configure your DNS for custom Domain Name (CNAME)

In order to have your domain point to the Workspace servers, which will actually respond to your incoming traffic, you need to configure DNS (Domain Name Service), or in other words, add a Custom Domain Name (CNAME) record for the domain.

In this case, you will need to configure (your custom URL) as a CNAME to  using the tools provided by your DNS provider. The CNAME will take anywhere between 1hr to 48hrs to become active.

Note: Queensberry does not provide DNS services unless you purchase the domain through us. However many domain registrars do provide DNS services on a for-pay basis. Your DNS provider will supply documentation on how to use their service. You are responsible for any fees if you choose a for-pay DNS service. For guidelines on setting up CNAME records on common hosting services, including GoDaddy, take a look here

Step 4. Set up Workspace to respond to ("answer") your traffic

The servers will not properly route the traffic for your domain until you configure your project's custom domain name, as follows:

Assuming you're logged in to Workspace, go back to the Website URL page as described above, find the CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME field and enter the domain that you would like us to answer for (e.g. or

Important! If you ever decide to let your domain lapse, remember to update any links to it (to avoid the risk of someone else registering that domain and surprising your users when they try to access your Workspace website)!

Purchasing Domains in Workspace

You can now purchase a domain to create your own website through Workspace. A purchased domain may take 24-48 hours to be visible on the internet. To purchase, follow the simple steps below.

On the Website URL page, enter the domain name you would like, click the Purchase a Domain button (instead of Add) and enter your credit card. We will do everything else for you. 

The domain will be registered with, and prices are based on domain registration prices. The domain you purchase will be valid for one year and will auto-renew for another year on expiration by charging your primary credit card on file with Workspace, a few days before expiration.  

You will be notified prior to expiration. The first notification will be sent out approximately 30 days prior to expiration and the second approx. 7 days prior to expiration. You will receive another notification 5 days after expiration if the domain fails to auto-renew and if the domain name registration is not deleted. If for some reason your domain does not auto-renew, you will be able to manually renew it within the first 18 days of expiration at no additional cost besides the renewal fee. 

Between 18 and 42 days after expiration, you will still be able to renew, but a redemption fee of USD 80.00 will apply on top of the standard renewal fee. 

From 42 days of expiration your domain will no longer be available for renewal.

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