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Client Websites

In just a few minutes you can create a beautiful-looking site that your clients will find appealing and useful. A personal website for your clients, with your photography, your client's album design, a gift registry, a guest book, a link to your own site… oh, and a shopping cart to encourage some nice add-on sales from friends and family!

How to set up a client website

Assuming you’re logged in to Workspace, and your client’s images and albums are ready to share... 1. Click WEBSITE in the main navigation, then select Client Sites. This takes you to a page that lists any sites you’ve already set up.

2. Click Create New Client Website. You can create one on our free trial, but otherwise you'll need a Pro or Pro+ (click here for Workspace plans, prices and features).

3. Give the site a name, which will be used as the site title, and a user-friendly URL. You can also add some text, which will appear at the bottom of the site’s home page.

4. Then choose a style and privacy settings. All styles offer same functionalities — they just look different!

If you choose private or semi-private a password will be displayed, which people will need to view the site (semi-private means the feature image will be displayed publicly). You might like to password the site until it’s approved by your clients.

5. Click SAVE AND CONTINUE so you can complete the site set-up.

6. Next step is to choose an event type and select the images and albums you want to appear.

7. You can add one or two album or image collections if you wish - just click the ‘+’ button again.

8. The cover image of the first image collection will be what's displayed on the site home page. You can select the cover image on the image gallery page, but otherwise the first image in the collection will be displayed.

9. If you've got your shopping cart and price lists set up you can add a cart to the site in the normal way: on the image gallery page click on Share, then enable shopping cart.

10. Once you’ve done all this, and saved, your new site is ready to publish. Click the Preview Website button to check it out before you quit set-up. You'll see two other pages have been added automatically - a link to your own Workspace site and a guest book.

Three styles to pick from

Panorama client theme: A panoramic image with selected image galleries underneath.

Simple client theme: Select a cover image for your homepage with selected image galleries underneath.

Bold client theme: Opens to a landing page (we recommend no more than 2500px for fast loading). Clicking “Enter” takes the user into the site, which then follows the Simple client theme (above).

Optional Extras

What if you could make a bride-to-be's site a core part of her event planning? 

Imagine it's months before the wedding and you've done an engagement shoot. You upload the images and create a new site for the couple as I described last time, but with two optional features added:

1. An event details page, with the wedding date, location and other details.

2. A gift registry. Imagine! Instead of buying the happy couple yet another toaster, their friends and family will be glad to contribute towards a meaningful gift - their photography and wedding album!

If the couple have set up other registries you can add links to them as well. Why? because the goal is to make this site all they need. Both those easy-to-set up features will encourage your clients to make the site public, share it with friends and family, and spread the word about you and your photography at the same time.


Fast forward to the happy day...

You upload the wedding photos, sorted into collections and ready for viewing. You open and edit the couple's site, and add the extra image collections to it, including a collection for the album. But is the bride happy with what you've chosen for her album? You make the collection editable, and add her as an authorised user so she can modify your selection. Meantime she's sharing the photos and you're hopefully picking up some sales - and booking enquiries - from her friends and family.

Now you've completed the album design - or maybe Queensberry had done it for you! - and you want the couple to review it, maybe suggest some changes, but eventually approve it before you place the order. You add the album to the website in exactly the same way you did the photography. Your bride reviews the album, adds comments and edit requests, and eventually approves it. Meantime she can also share it with her friends (who can look but not touch).

In just a few minutes you've created a beautiful-looking site that will be genuinely appealing and useful to your clients, that provides a convenient way to interact with them about their album, and that helps spread the word about you while encouraging some nice add-on sales from friends and family. Click here to try it out, or here to upgrade if necessary. And tell us what you think, so we can make it even better!