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Album Proofing (Designed by you, in Workspace)

Communications between you and your client are much easier with Workspace Album Proofing. It's a transparent and intuitive way for your clients to communicate their requests for changes and, when they're ready, to approve the design so you can place their album order. 

You've designed your album, now what?

When you’ve finished the initial draft of your album and wish to send it to your client for proofing, you will need to click “send album to client.”
If you've already set-up an album proofing template (under sell >> templates), the email you've set up will appear here. You can edit the styling of the email here or change the text to send to your client. Otherwise Workspace will generate the email text for you.

Note: You must click "send" once you are in the HTML editor to make the online proofing live. If you wish to add the link into your own personal emails, send the Album Proofing email to yourself (to make the page go live) and copy the link from there. Also please be careful not to edit the URL and PASSWORD when you’re editing the text in the email itself!

Your client can now comment, suggest changes, or approve the design. If your client submits feedback you will be notified and, if necessary, you can make the required edits to the design and send a new version.

If you want to make comments of your own: You can add your own comments before sending your design to your clients. Click “Add Comment” in the designer tool bar. Add your comment and then drag the marker to the image/ place on the layout you are referring to. Your client can then reply when they review their album.

How to view conversation history: Click the "Conversation History" icon (the clock) in the bottom right hand corner. You can review all dialogue history between you and your designer, or you and your client. 

How to view all layouts: Click the "All Layouts" (Grid) icon to view the overall design. If there are comments on the layout, a green chat bubble will appear. 

Approving Album Design

When your client is happy with their album, they will need to approve the design. You will be notified once they've done so. Place the order and let Queensberry take care of the rest.